Sci-Fi Experiment

Needing a break from non-fiction, I decided to experiment a bit by reading two sci-fi series.  

The first, "Wool," is a current phenomenon on I read books 1-5, and thought they were fairly enjoyable, but not that memorable.  I expected more given the phenomenal average rating the series has on Amazon and Goodreads.  Book 1 is really great, but the rest is just 2.5 star material.

The second series, which I HIGHLY recommend, is the Foundation trilogy by Issac Asimov.  I chose this trilogy because it topped so many "greatest of all time" lists.  Asimov was a prolific writer - he wrote 470 books in 9 of the 10 Dewey Decimal categories.  He began Foundation (book #1) when he was just 21, which is incredible given the depth of language and plot in the book.  Foundation and Empire (book #2) was similar to The Two Towers from the Lord of the Rings trilogy - it was entertaining, but lacked the novelty of the first book and the revelations of Second Foundation (book #3).  Second Foundation was my personal favorite, which several  memorable characters and plot twists.  4/5 stars for the series.