I love my family, friends, and books.  I am terrified - sometimes to the point of paralysis - of death and of living a dull life, and I try very hard to avoid both outcomes. 

For a more complete description of myself, I asked a small group of my closest friends and family to send me a few words or short phrases that they felt described me. 

This list is me according to those that know me best. My sister said I was a lovable asshole! I thought I was laid back... Clearly I have a lot to work on this year beyond the scope of this pledge.  


Inquisitive, insensitive, fun-loving, private, aggressive, stubborn (3), extremely stubborn, persistent, persistently curious, restless (2), hyper-competitive, cocky, protective (3), affectionate,  argumentative, opinionated (3), confident (2), introspective (2), funny (2), cares tremendously about data and evidence (including evidence from self-experimentation), wino & foodie (2), family oriented, loves to travel, contentious (2),  independent, unaccepting and unremorseful toward weakness/idiocy (yeesh!), loyal, loving, goofy, passionate, obdurate, gentle and amiable with those you love but wildly demanding of your own body, unapologetically direct, hip hop connoisseur, dedicated, engaging, philosophical, no time for small talk (2), easily disinterested, scratchy, even-tempered, doggedly focused, hates inanition, lovable asshole! 

My grandmother (Gammy), who I love dearly, gave my favorite response that I hope will always be true:  Always seeking and probing and challenging others out of their comfort zone, inviting them into the search.

The symbol at the top of this website is the Adinkra symbol Me Ware Wo, representing commitment and perseverance.